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Last Updated: 02. June 2016

While the ability to make colour copies can be useful, there are several significant benefits to selecting a B&W copier over a colour machine:

  • significantly lower initial purchase price
  • lower expenses on consumables
  • higher copying speed / faster first-page-out time

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Here’s a checklist of the most important things you should know when choosing a black and white copy machine:

1. What size do you need?

Photocopiers can handle many different paper size formats, but the most typical ones are A4 and A3. A typical smaller copier will be able to copy A4 sheets. An A3 photocopier will, of course, be able to handle both A3 and the smaller A4.

Some copy machines also allow you to customise the output size, setting it to whatever dimensions you require (up to a certain upper limit).

2. What speed do you require?

The speed of a copy machine is measured in PPM (pages per minute) / CPM (copies per minute). This speed ranges from 20–30 pages in small entry-level models up to 150 in high-volume photocopiers.

Copying speed is one of the factors that most affect the copy machine’s price, so consider carefully whether speed is a priority for your business needs, or if you would be fine with a slower copier, thereby saving a bundle of money.

3. Multi-function device or standalone copier?

Most modern copiers are, in fact, multifunction devices. If your volume requirements are relatively low, it can be convenient to have a single device performing the functions of a printer, copier and scanner. Integrated fax capability is also possible, though, as the usage of fax is declining, it might not be a standard feature, but rather an add-on option available at extra cost.

4. What add-ons, options, extra features do you need?

These may include double-sided copying (duplexing), an automatic document feeder, and other features. Read more about photocopier features here. Most modern black & white photocopiers have a touchscreen.

Choosing the right photocopier supplier

If you have a good idea of what kind of photocopier you need, the next step is finding a good supplier.

Remember that the lowest price is not the only criterion you should pay attention to, nor necessarily the most important one. Some other things you should take into account are:

1. Is the supplier reputable?

Look for reviews online, testimonials on the supplier’s website, and other feedback from current and former customers.

2. Geographical coverage

Does the supplier have a branch or office in your area? In case of any issues, will a service technician be available immediately, or will you have to wait?

Buying a used black & white photocopier

In some cases, it is possible to obtain better value for money by purchasing a used or refurbished copy machine. Often, these are machines that have been returned after the completion of a lease, whereupon they are fully overhauled and fitted with brand new consumables.

Depending on how heavily the copier has been used before, you may obtain a fully functional, reliable copier at a significant discount. However, if you choose to go the used route, it is particularly important to make sure that you’re also getting a reasonable warranty – at least 12 months or a number of pages at least equivalent to your expected annual copy volume. 

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