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Last Updated: 02. June 2016

Photocopier Prices: All You Need to Know

Looking for a new copy machine for your office? While doing your research, you may have noticed it can be difficult to see photocopier prices online. Suppliers prefer to give individual quotes, because, due to the many variables involved, cost estimates can vary widely.

Contacting suppliers on your own can be a hassle, but we're here to make the process a lot simpler for you. Fill the quote request form, and we'll quickly get back to you with the best offers of several photocopier suppliers operating in your area. Our service is free and non-binding, and will let you easily evaluate your options.

However, it's understandable if you first want to have at least a rough idea of what to expect in terms of budget. If that is the case, read on.

What determines photocopier prices?

The factors that most affect the price of a copier include:

After you have a good grasp of your requirements based on these factors, you can decide whether you need a low-, medium- or high-volume copier (or perhaps if even a simple desktop multifunction device might be sufficient), consider what extra options might be useful for your office, decide whether it makes more sense to lease or buy outright, and whether you will require installation and staff training for your new copier.

Photocopier price ranges

Small Desktop Photocopier

Be aware that virtually all modern office photocopiers are multifunction machines. In addition to copying, you can use them as a printer and scanner.

Entry-level desktop copiers are available at prices starting around £200. Lower-priced consumer models are available, but these are generally intended for home use.

Be careful with picking one of these for your office. Unless you have only minimal copying and printing needs, you will quickly end up overpaying for consumables.

Also be sure to consider the monthly recommended duty cycle. The lowest-priced photocopiers are absolutely not designed for handling hundreds of pages daily.

Desktop photocopiers can handle A4 sheets. If you work with A3 or other larger sheet formats, you will need to pick a more expensive copier.

Below you'll find a quick overview of the main photocopier price ranges. Remember that the prices given here are only estimates. It may vary depending on additional features, delivery, installation and training requirements, your location, etc. To receive several specific and tailored quotes, simply fill our quote request form.

Black & white photocopier prices

  Pages per minute Maximum paper size Base price
Desktop 30 A4 £250+
Low volume 40–50 A4 £1,500+
Medium volume 40–50 A3 £2,500–5,000
High volume 65–95 A3+ £6,000–9,000
Very high volume 100+ A3+ £11,000+


Colour photocopier prices

  Pages per minute* Maximum paper size Base price
Desktop 25 A4 £400+
Low volume 30 A4 £1,100+
Medium volume 40 A3 £3,500–4,000
Medium volume 50 A3 £5,000
Very high volume 60–70 A3+ £12,000+

Note: the estimated prices here are ex. VAT.

* for colour copiers, pages per minute are indicated for colour copies. Their black & white output speed is typically 5–10 PPM faster.

For a typical small office, a low-volume copier is usually sufficient. The most expensive machines are designed to handle very high monthly volumes. If you need to make hundreds or even thousands of copies on a near-daily basis, expect to budget around £10,000 for the right copier.

Obviously, this can be a large investment. In addition to doing careful research and comparing multiple suppliers, you may want to consider a financing option. This will help you to avoid immediately tying up a large amount of capital in a single piece of office equipment.

Monthly duty cycle
Medium Monthly Duty Cycle Copier

While home users usually don't have to worry about this metric, it is one of the most important things to which you should pay attention for business purposes.
It is important to understand that the manufacturer’s stated duty cycle is NOT the actual number of pages you can safely handle per month. Even the most basic home copier may promise to be able to copy in excess of ten thousand pages per month. However, this number is almost always arbitrarily inflated.

The “real” maximum copy volume that you shouldn’t exceed can be as little as 1/5th of the duty cycle listed in the copy machine’s specifications.

There is no industry-wide standard for determining the duty cycle. Each manufacturer can have its own method of measuring it. Therefore, direct comparisons of the duty cycle should not be made between copy machines of different brands. It can be useful for comparing different machines of one manufacturer. Do not look at it as a maximum number of copies, but as a relative score.

A copier with a rated duty cycle of 70,000 pages will probably be capable of handling twice as many pages as one with a rating of 35,000 pages. However, if you actually try to copy a thousand pages per day over an entire month on either of these machines, it might be out of order before the month is over.

Even if you're lucky and the copier manages to make it through the first month, you will be spending a fortune on consumables. The cost per page (CPP) of cheaper copiers is much higher than that of high-volume machines.

To avoid guesswork in trying to determine whether a particular copier will be suitable, you may simply enter your expected copy volume in the quote request box. We will pass it on to several suppliers who have real experience with a variety of manufacturers and models, and understand the needs of offices of different sizes. You'll receive their best offers of photocopy machines that will actually work well for you in practice.

If you cannot immediately afford to purchase a higher-volume copier, consider your photocopier lease options.

Colour or black & white output

Naturally, colour copiers are more expensive than black & white ones, both in terms of the initial investment and the cost per page when copying in colour. There are also more consumables to keep track of (cyan, magenta, yellow and black (CMYK) toner cartridges).

Replacement Of Copier CMYK Cartridges

If you need to copy in colour only occasionally, then rather than spending more on a colour photocopier, it might be wiser to just pick a reliable black & white machine. You can use the services of a local print shop for the occasions when you do need colour materials.

Pages per minute

Copies/pages per minute are usually advertised prominently, though it is not always the most important factor in practice, if your copy jobs are mostly small and you copy larger volumes only occasionally.

A copier's advertised pages per minute typically refer to standard A4 sheets. When outputting A3 sheets, the speed will be approximately halved.

Be sure to also pay attention to the first-page-out (or first-copy-out) time, which is the amount of time it takes for the copier to "warm up" when starting a new job after waking from standby.

Add-on options

Basic copiers may not include some of the functions that come standard in more expensive machines. However, if there is a particular function you want, it may be available as an add-on. For example, adding a reversing automatic document feeder (RADF) to a low-volume copier might run you about £200.

If you already know exactly which functions you need, note them in the quote request form, and we’ll help you find the best deal. 

Note that basic duplexing is nowadays a standard feature in most photocopier models.

Options that can be available as add-ons include:

  • Fax (integrated fax capability is common, but not universal)
  • Document feeder
  • Network printing/scanning
  • Additional paper trays
  • Cabinet stands, job separators, paper drawers, additional sheet cassettes
  • PostScript support


Woman Using Copier

If you prefer not to purchase your photocopier outright, inquire with suppliers about lease options.

If your business has a good credit history, financing options are almost always available. Common lease periods are 24–60 months.

In addition to possible tax relief benefits, leasing can offer more flexibility. If you eventually find that your needs have changed (which is common for recently established and quickly growing businesses), you may replace the leased photocopier with little effect on your monthly payments.

Installation and training

When purchasing an expensive piece of equipment, it makes sense to ensure that it is set up correctly and everyone knows how to use it properly.
Most suppliers will offer delivery and installation of your new floor-standing copier.

Likewise, to make the most of your new copy machine, you may invest in a quick training programme to familiarise employees with its operation. This may run you around 100–150 pounds.

Finding the right copier configuration for you can be difficult and time-consuming. Even when you find a machine that seems perfect for your needs, it can be hard to tell if you’re getting the best price.

So what’s the easiest way to compare photocopier prices in your area? Just enter your requirements in the quote request form, and receive the best offers from several suppliers. Compare and pick the best deal – it's as simple as that. Our service is free and non-binding.