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Last Updated: 01. September 2017

33 Brilliant British Blogs

Hey, you! What comes to mind when you think of the United Kingdom?

Remember that one time when Sir Newton invented physics? Or when Lord Kelvin came up with temperature? Everyone’s still using those to this day. What a gift to the world. Without the UK, the Earth would be a cold, dark place, and it wouldn't even matter, because everyone would just float off into space with no gravity.

And that's not to mention trains, television, the first computer, and plenty of other neat stuff bestowed upon us by the Commonwealth over the years...

All that, though, was a good while ago. What has the UK been up to lately? After all that invention and innovation, has the British ingenuity and spirit of entrepreneurship finally fizzled out? Or perhaps the Britons feel they've already won history, so there's no need to keep trying harder?

Of course not.

From bionic arms to AI-composed music, the United Kingdom still has plenty to offer in the 21st century. The proof? Right here, on this very page.

Photocopiers Price Guide present:

33 Reasons

Appear Here Blippar Bloom & Wild Busuu Carspring
Commuter Club Deliveroo Droplet Evrythng Farmdrop
Flavourly Free Agent Funding Circle Go Cardless
Improbable Jukedeck Laundrapp Loaf Neighbourly 
Openbionics Open Utility Purplebricks Rate Setter
Secret Escapes  Seedrs Signkick Tibit Uniplaces
Unmade VINAYA Zone Fox    


Below you'll find a selection of 33 good blog posts by 33 good British start-ups. Some of these companies are already well on their way to global success, while others are only beginning their journey. All of them, however, have interesting things to say, and have shared them with the world through their blogs.

Regularly maintaining a good blog is harder than it might look, and we think truly insightful, sincere, informative or funny blog posts deserve to be recognised. Check out the list – you might find some interesting reading material, and perhaps even some new blogs to follow! Kudos to the listed companies, and keep it up!



Number_1   Open Bionics | Founded: 2014 | Bristol

What they do: Open Bionics create custom prosthetic bio-electronic limbs for amputees at a low price point – around $3,000 rather than $100,000 for a typical high-functioning prosthesis. This cost reduction is achieved through the power of 3D printing.


Open Bionics meets Metal Gear Solid

by @openbionics

What you'll learn: about the development of bionic arms that combine art, engineering, and science fiction.

...pretty good. Emot-ocelot

Metal_gear_bionicThe Phantom Limb photographed by Omkaar Kotedia.



Number_2   Neighbourly | Founded: 2013 (launched in 2014) | Bristol

What they do: Neighbourly are pretty cool. They connect community projects and charities with helpful people and companies.


5 reasons helping other people will help you


What you'll learn: when you do good, it feels good. Who knew?



Logo_Zone Fox

Number_3   ZoneFox | Founded: 2012 | Edinburgh

What they do: ZoneFox strive to make regulatory compliance, security, and protection of intellectual property super easy and ultra reliable with an innovative, lightweight software agent.


What does David Bowie know about passwords?

by Jamie Graves (@DrJamieGraves)

What you'll learn: how the imaginative techniques used by David Bowie and William S. Burroughs can help you remain secure.




Number_4   tibit | Founded: 2013 | Peckham, London

What they do: Tibit, as you might guess from the name, do tibs. What’s a tib? It’s “pocket change for the internet”. The company has grand plans, aiming for nothing less than an online social revolution by creating an easy way to make small donations and reward quality content.


Carl’s Recruitment Rant

by Carl Beetham

What you'll learn: why you shouldn't try to appear overly enthusiastic in your CV and at job interviews.


Recruitment _advice



Number_5   Deliveroo | Founded: 2012 (launched in 2013) | Soho, London

What they do: The food you love, delivered to your door. Home or office. Get amazing food from a selection of local restaurants delivered in an average of just 32 minutes.


5 amazing twists on mac and cheese

by Lizzie Graham

What you'll learn: gourmet cooking? Maybe not, but new twists on a classic are always fun!

Mac and Cheese



Number_6   RateSetter | Founded: 2009 (launched in 2010) | London

What they do: RateSetter is a peer-to-peer platform that lets investors lend money to UK individuals, businesses and property developers.


How easy is it to avoid tax?

by Luke O'Mahony

What you’ll learn: how to reduce your tax bill! Remember, the devil's in the details. Tax evasion is illegal, but tax avoidance is not.




Number_seven   Unmade | Founded: 2013 | London

What they do: Unmade wish to change the fashion industry so that everyone can have access to unique clothing. Choose a design, modify the pattern, and they’ll knit it for you in central London. 


Studio Moross Interview


What you'll learn: about Unmade collaborator Studio Moross, a vibrant London-based design agency with many talents and multiple adorable Shiba Inus.




Number_8   Appear Here | Founded: 2012 (launched in 2013) | London

What they do: Appear Here make renting short-term space for brands, retailers and entrepreneurs as easy as booking a hotel room.


London’s first pop-up egg freezing shop


What you'll learn: about London’s first pop-up egg freezing shop. Wait, what?

3 simple steps


Number_9 | Founded: 2009 (rebranded in 2013) | Newcastle

What they do: is a music-discovery tool. Have a Spotify account? They’ve got playlists for you. Over 170,000 of them, in fact. The site is visited by up to 1.5 million music fans monthly.


And The Award For Playlist Of The Week Goes To…


What you'll learn: This blog is all business, and the business is good music. If you’d like a taster, the link above leads to a “brilliantly curated playlist of female garage rock, punk, shoegaze, and dream pop artists from the 70s–00s." What's not to love? 




Number 10 | Founded: 2012 (launched in 2013) | London

What they do: lets you quickly and easily extract data from the web. No coding required, just point and click.


20 questions to detect fake data scientists

 by Lisa Winter | @importio

What you'll learn: exactly what questions to ask to tell if you're dealing with the genuine article or just a data poser.




Number_11   Seedrs | Founded: 2012 | London

What they do: Seedrs, based in East London’s Tech City, is an equity crowdfunding platform for investing in start-ups throughout Europe. Users can invest as little as £10 into the businesses they choose, and the total amount raised through the site has already reached £100 million.


Five steps to a great equity crowdfunding video

by Alysia Wanczyk (@justmeleesh)

What you'll learn: A company that prides itself in being “equity crowdfunding done properly” better be able to produce a good crowdfunding video, right? In this blog post, Seedrs does just that, and explains every step of the process.




Number_12   Blippar | Founded: 2011 | London

What they do: Blippar use augmented reality and image recognition technology to bridge the physical and digital worlds. After downloading the Blippar app, people can scan objects they’re curious about and unlock content on their mobile device.


Pushing the Boundaries of AR in the Classroom

by Rob Stringer (@booleanBoy)

What you'll learn: how augmented reality can help students learn about the Solar System, sunflowers, and volcanoes. Yeah, science!




Number_13   Flavourly | Founded: 2012 | Edinburgh

What they do: Flavourly, working with small independent producers all over the UK, deliver members a selection of craft beers to their door for a flat monthly fee.


Craft beer temperature guide


What you'll learn: which beers you should totally drink warm.




Number_14   Jukedeck | Founded: 2014 (launched in 2015) | London

What they do: Jukedeck’s artificially intelligent online composer lets users create unique, royalty-free music for their movies and YouTube videos in seconds.


Composing the Pitch@Palace theme tune

by Ed Rex (@edrex_)

What you'll hear: "Probably the first AI-created piece used at a royal occasion?" 



Number_15   FreeAgent | Founded: 2007 | Edinburgh

What they do: FreeAgent was born from the frustration that managing company finances is just too damn hard for most small businesses and freelancers. Their software makes accounting easy for the UK’s nearly five million businesses with fewer than ten employees.


Using zero-day terms could help you get paid in a week

by Fiona Christie

What you'll learn: how to be better at getting paid. Useful!




Number_16   Bloom & Wild | Founded: 2013 | Chelsea, London

What they do: Bloom & Wild make ordering and sending flowers super easy. Their app and website streamline the process of sending a bouquet, while the packaging allows for flowers to be delivered through letterboxes.


DIY pumpkin vase

by Sally O'Kelly | @BloomandWild

What you’ll learn: how to make a lovely pumpkin vase.



Number_17   Laundrapp | Founded: 2015 | London

What they do: Laundrap is an on-demand laundry service. Order online or using an app on your phone – they collect, clean and deliver. It's like a remote control for your laundry basket!


How to dress like Octodad

by Joe Martin (@JoeThreepwood)

What you'll learn: how to dress like an octopus pretending to be a man... without anyone suspecting a thing.



Number_18   Open Utility | Founded: 2013 | London

What they do: Open Utility is democratising energy. Their product Piclo enables electricity retailers to turn their renewable generation portfolio into an online marketplace, giving customers more choice and control over where they source their electricity.


The Skill of Problem Solving

by Alice Tyler (@altyler)

What you'll learn: how user experience design can be used to shape products and workplaces.




Number_19   Signkick | Founded: 2012 | London

What they do: Signkick is an online booking platform for outdoor advertising, allowing businesses of all sizes to instantly book billboards, posters sites, and roadside panels.


3 Tips On Outdoor Advertising Typography

by @SignkickUK

What you'll learn: how to be better at advertising, outdoors.




Number_20   GoCardless | Founded: 2011 | London

What they do: GoCardless makes it easy for individuals and businesses to collect recurring payments via Direct Debit using an online platform.


How we nurture an environment of gender diversity at GoCardless

by Jutta Frieden (@juttafrieden)

What you'll learn: why the little things matter.




Number_21   Droplet | Founded: 2012 | Birmingham

What they do: Droplet is a mobile payment and loyalty app which helps independent businesses build better customer relationships. Droplet currently supports 300 merchants, and has 30,000 users across the United Kingdom.

The Ivy House


What you'll learn: As befits a company aiming to support local communities, on its blog Droplet shares the stories of its small business customers. One of them is The Ivy House, London’s first cooperatively owned pub, which nearly closed down in 2012, but was rescued by a group of local residents.



Number_22   Secret Escapes | Founded: 2010 | London

What they do: Secret Escapes is a members-only website, dedicated to curating luxury holidays at the best prices available online.


Is Cornwall the UK's best holiday destination?


What you'll learn: why Cornwall might be the British California. In detail. There are videos. Information. Graphics. You… might actually end up wanting to go to Cornwall?


Related news: Huge mineshaft opens up in Cornwall back garden (The Telegraph)


Logo_FarmdropNumber_23   farmdrop | Founded: 2014 | London

What they do: Farmdrop is an online marketplace that lets people buy food directly from local farmers and producers. Consumers are promised fresher food – delivered the same day it’s picked from the field – while the producers get a better deal than they would from supermarkets.


5 ways to keep food fresher for longer


What you'll learn: how to poke a hole in a lemon, and why.


Logo_busuuNumber_24   Busuu | Founded: 2009 | London

What they do: Busuu is a social network that connects budding students to native speakers of 12 different languages, in addition to providing interactive courses.


Unusual Christmas Characters and Creatures


What you'll learn: the Yule Cat is a big, vicious feline who stalks the snowy Icelandic hills and eats people who've not received new clothes before Christmas Eve.

The infamous Yule Cat


Logo_uniplacesNumber_25   Uniplaces | Founded: 2012 | Lisbon and London

What they do: Uniplaces is an online marketplace for booking student accommodation.


15 things you’ll miss about Manchester

by Francisco Peres

What you'll learn: what you shouldn't miss in Manchester while you're there.

Welcome_to_manchesterPhotograph by Flickr user Pea


Logo_freeagentNumber_26   Carspring | Founded: 2015 | London

What they do: Carspring is completely new way to buy or sell cars. No more hidden fees or waiting around for viewing appointments – simply sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride.


The Defender – 5 Reasons We’ll Miss It


What you'll learn: The Land Rover Defender has been discontinued, but it lives on in our hearts, and in this blog post.


Logo_purplebricksNumber_27   Purplebricks | Founded: 2014 | London

What they do: Purplebricks is the world's first 24/7 estate agent – a clever and refreshing simple online platform that lets you sell your property for a fixed fee and potentially save thousands of pounds.


5 Subliminal Selling Tips


What you'll learn: how to be better at selling subliminally.

Subliminal selling colours


Logo_loafNumber_28   Loaf | Founded: 2008 (rebranded in 2012) | London

What they do: Loaf makes laid-back furniture for people to really kick off their shoes and lead happier, more relaxed lives. When it comes to quality, though, they're champions of good old-fashioned craftsmanship. 


You & Me Fur-Ever


What you'll learn: uncertain, but does anyone else suddenly feel like buying a Pavilion Chase after reading that post? Wait, what's a Pavilion Chase?




Number_29   Evrythng | Founded: 2011 (launched in 2012) | London

What they do: EVRYTHNG is a platform that connects any physical object to the internet. The platform gives each object its own discoverable profile – a little like a Facebook page – that contains digital information associated with that product, whether it’s used for warranty, logistics or entertainment purposes.


Towards a Standard for the Web of Things

by Vlad Trifa (@vladounet)

What you’ll learn: more about Web of Things standards than you ever cared or might possibly need to know. Impress everyone with your excessive WoT knowledge!

Web_of_things"Building the Web of Things" by Dominique D. Guinard and Vlad M. Trifa


Logo_improbableNumber_30   Improbable | Founded: 2012 | London

What they do: Improbable is developing SpatialOS: a distributed operating system that makes building simulated worlds possible. As well as enabling completely new experiences in gaming, simulated worlds can solve significant problems in areas as diverse as defence, energy, city efficiency, health, and finance.


What we found when we simulated the backbone of the entire Internet on SpatialOS


What you'll learn: information science.

A galaxy of cat pictures (Improbable)Divider

Logo_commuterclubNumber_31   CommuterClub | Founded: 2013 | London

What they do: Commuting in London is expensive. CommuterClub allows commuters to access the big savings of annual season tickets while paying via manageable monthly direct debits.


15 People You Meet In The Tube

by Sara

What you'll learn: about the many unusual varieties of people you may meet in the London Underground.

 Bookworm evolution


Logo_fundingcircleNumber_32   Funding Circle | Founded: 2010 London

What they do: Funding Circle is an online marketplace that lets investors lend directly to small businesses in Europe and the US. Their ambition is to revolutionise the outdated banking system and secure a better deal for everyone.



by Antonia Lock

What you'll learn: how 451 investors are helping Hackney Brewery produce craft beer in East London.





Number_33   VINAYA | Founded: 2013 | London

What they do: VINAYA perfectly balances function and form with the world’s first fashion-conscious wearable technology jewellery range. Vinaya’s mission is to apply psychology research to the tech product creation process to try to build products that are more sensitive to human habits — and help promote emotional wellbeing.


Can We Design Our Own Lives?

by Sara Panton (@saralpanton)

What you'll learn: why prioritisation matters.




Good content should be shared. Know any great blogs that are missing from this list? Drop us an e-mail!

The listed blogs are welcome to add a retro feel to their website with an AWARD BADGE (to link directly to a particular entry, add #CompanyName at the end of the URL):