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Last Updated: 02. June 2016

Why Are Wireless Printers Good for Office Environments?


Wireless printers have been around for a while. A study conducted in the US back in 2010 showed that over half of all printers sold at retail were wireless-capable. Yet, most people weren’t actually taking advantage of the capability.

As of 2016, things have definitely changed. Wireless printers are now often the preferred choice for office settings. Employees enjoy the flexibility they offer, office managers appreciate the simple setup and maintenance, and everyone likes a neater office with fewer wires and cables.

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Still not quite sure whether wireless printing is right for your business? The advantages of adopting a wireless printer setup in your office come down to flexibility and efficiency

A wireless office is neater

Messy office without wireless printingBesides using the traditional desktop computers, many workers nowadays like to bring their own devices to the office. Recent surveys show that more than half of employees use at least one personal device for work. These include laptops, and also other portable smart devices like tablets. 

This is great: it allows employees to easily move around during the day, forming groups for projects as needed. Many employers encourage such flexibility. A wireless printer configured to be available to any device connected to your network is great way to support this.

Using a traditional printer requires the computer to be physically close enough to be connected via cable. A wireless printer does not have this limitation. All printing information is sent via wireless communication. This frees up the computer’s USB ports. Also, a wireless-enabled computer can typically connect to the printer without installing drivers.

Aside from that, having one printer in an easily accessible location can free up a lot of space in a busy office. It also makes cable management a lot simpler.

Wireless printing can be more efficient 

The amount of information we process in our day-to-day work is increasing. Yet many workplaces find that they are actually printing less. Most documents are created digitally and spend their whole life circulating only in digital form. Cloud services enable seamless creation of backups and often eliminate the need for printed “hard copies”.

Consequently, the average office employee does not print as many pages per day as before, and may use the printer only occasionally. If that is the case, having a dedicated printer for each employee no longer makes sense. Setting up a single wireless printer available to everyone could be a better choice.

It can also make things easier for the IT department:

  • Having to support a dozen different printers and follow the ink or toner level of each can become a hassle.
  • Likewise, office printers are expected to be on 100% of the time, even though they might only be in use for a couple of hours each day. Reducing the number of these always-on machines will make your office greener.

Organised office with wireless printing

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